Woman, 52, claims cannabis oil cured her terminal cancer just days before winning

A 52-YEAR-OLD woman has claimed cannabis oil cured her terminal cancer just days before winning an £84,000 prize on Loose Women.

Joy Smith was sceptical about the drug – but decided to try it when doctors told her she had just six weeks to live.

The Coventry resident claims that regular doses of the resinous oil destroyed the inoperable tumours and led to her miraculous recovery.

Joy told the Coventry Times: “When you’re told you have six weeks to live you’ll try anything, trust me.

“I was a bit sceptical about the oil at first as I’d never taken drugs or anything like that – but I know I would not be here today without it. I want to tell everybody.

“Cannabis oil should be legalised for medical purposes – people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them.”

Joy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in August 2016 and told by doctors she had only six weeks to live unless she started chemotherapy.

She began treatment for three days every fortnight but had to stop after developing sepsis.

Joy was unaware that friends had been researching an alternative cure – until one told her to open her mouth and popped a cannabis oil tablet in her mouth.

She described feeling “drunk” in the hospital: “I couldn’t speak, my words just slurred out.”

After researching the drug further, Joy’s friends found somebody able to produce it for her.

Joy was quickly converted after reading about a woman in America who had cured her cancer by growing her cannabis and producing her own oil.

She began taking it between three and five times a week, recalling: “Sometimes it takes hours to kick in and sometimes it’s straight away.

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