Link Between Coconut Oil And Alzheimer’s Disease Now Clinically Studied


Just a spoonful of coconut oil a day has incredibly positive effects on people with Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Mary Newport was among one of the first people to document the strong associations between coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease. She realized that giving her husband, who had Alzheimer’s disease, a spoonful of coconut oil everyday drastically improved his condition. In fact, it was so effective that Mary was able to stop taking him to care!

Her book, Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was A Cure? Spurred on studies into her discovery

Once Dr. Mary Newport published her book in 2012, it increased the amount of research into her findings. There is one study in particular that has show how much of a positive effect coconut oil can have on Alzheimer’s patients.

The study concluded that people with Alzheimer’s, who were given coconut oil, experienced an increase in cognitive functions when it came to answering test questions. There are now more studies being conducted surrounding Mary’s case, as well as the first few studies that went into more depth.

So far, the results of coconut oil on Alzheimer’s patients is proving to be hopeful

The variety of studies being done show promising signs that there could be a potential cure for this disease. The big pharma have said that Alzheimer’s disease is not something they can treat since none of their medications work. Coconut oil has proven to be more effective than the drugs they offer.

While more research is still needed, experts believe that the rare fat in coconut oil (that isn’t present in any other foods) is responsible for the unbelievable results on Alzheimer’s disease.


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